Utensil Race no 8: Hibiki Otsuki

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Meiki 8:

The gorgeous Japanese actress Hibiki Otsuki was born in 1988. This lovely lady with very female looks was the model for Meiki 8. She measures 1,62 metre in length, and her sizes are 87-57-86. Many people consider those sizes as perfect.

Starting out as an amateur, she rapidly reached the top of the Japanese porn industry. Her horny voice helped her become famous. By now, Hibiki Otsuki is an experienced porn star like Maria Ozawa (1986).

The Meiki 8 is partly inspired by the popular Meiki Ozawa, and similarly lacks a dual layer, unlike the Meiki 5, 6, and 7.

With this eighth generation, the Meiki has gone full circle. Initially you may think that this Meiki no Shoumei 8 is a step back, because it lacks the dual layer.

The Meiki 8 But upon reviewing the design of the interior, you will have to agree that this Meiki is not just a collector's item. Just by looking at the inside you can imagine how wonderful this Meiki feels!

This Meiki can be considered as an upgrade of the Ozawa, even though that model remains popular as ever.

Meiki 8 Hibiki Otsuki is 17 cm long and has a diameter that varies between 7-9 cm.
The total weight is 580 gram. As with all Meikis, No. 8 comes with free lubricant.

The design of her labia is not just beautiful, it is also very functional. Her lips will suck your penis in.
Similar to the majority of the Meikis, this model is closed at the back, creating maximum suction power.
Like a real pussy, it will swallow the penis. This Meiki too, is very suitable for long nights with your favourite movie.

The tridimensional structure - together with the smooth material - makes this a truly realistic work of art.

1. The features of a real Meiki: the small studs and the wonderful G spot.
2. The twisted structure simulates the undulating movements of the muscles of the vagina.
3. This narrow segment will make you come like never before. Enjoy the ridged ceiling in combination with the narrow bended tunnel.
4. The flesh-like inner structure, combined with the soft, odourless material make for a fantastic experience.
5. This segment is narrower, and stimulates the tip of the penis. Because of the flexible material, you can add pressure by squeezing the Meiki.
6. The tridimensional studded structure makes you feel as if you're in heaven.
7. Tridimensional bended ring-shaped vaginal muscles.

Use some lubricant, and penetrate the Meiki slowly. Let your penis enjoy every detail of the structure, and you will reach ecstasy.

The G spot is more swollen than with previous models. The protruding structure stimulates the tip of the penis very well. The G spot will massage the underside of the tip: the frenulum. This is a very sensitive part of the penis. Turn the Meiki over, and you will massage the upper side.
The spiral-like structure towards the end of the middle segment contributes to a unique and exquisite sensation.
The lovely smooth material and realistic design make each Meiki a work of art. As usual, NPG has also created beautiful packaging.

Cleaning Meiki 8 Hibiki:

Because of the smooth and flexible material, the Meiki can be turned inside out to be cleaned with lukewarm water. But the other way to clean is a better option:

Cleaning a Meiki

1) Rinse the Meiki with water, and let the water run out.
2) Get a cotton cloth
3) Wrap the cloth around a blunt stick (the blunt end of a pencil will do). Insert the stick in the Meiki, and allow the cloth to absorb the moist for about ten minutes.

Repeat with a dry end of the cloth, as many times as necessary until the Meiki is entirely dry on the inside.
4) If necessary, use some talcum powder, or even corn starch, to dry the artificial vagina further. This will not be necessary in most cases.

Buy the Meiki 8 Hibiki today.

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