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TYO Lube Launcher - perfectly applied lubricant every time

Using lubricant is absolutely essential if you want to enjoy your onaholes, but applying it is no one's favourite part. You have a couple of options: squeeze some into the opening and hope it spreads far enough, risking unpleasant dry spots on the inside, or using your fingers to cover the entire inside, leaving yourself with slippery hands. If you aren't careful you'll apply so much lube that you make a mess, or so little that you have to stop to reapply.

With the TYO lube launcher, you apply how much you want, where you want. No more spillages.

How to use

The TYO Lube Launcher is quick and easy to use. Dip the nozzle into your favourite lubricant and pull back the plunger to suck up however much you need. Then carefully insert the launcher into your onahole and push the handle back in, squeezing the lubricant into your onahole without any mess.

TYO Lube Launcher specifications

two piece lube launcher set
material ABS plastic

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