Smell of Preppy Girl Panties

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Smell of Preppy Girl Panties

Tamatoys is always eager to try new things and cater to every fetish they can think of. They do this with niche onaholes, dakimakura and also erotic perfumes. These smell fetish products really add another layer to your experience, and the unique smells will help you lose your mind in all sorts of fantasy.
So, what is this smell all about?

Preppy girl panties

When you look at this spoiled girl you’ll see that she gets everything she wants: expensive private schooling, brand clothing… She lives a perfect life! But don’t let her pretty looks deceive you: this girl is nasty. She loves to wear the same underwear for weeks on end, without washing it. Are you going to punish her for being so gross? Or are you going to let her ride you while she stuffs her panties in your face? Whatever your fantasy is, this smell fetish scent is going to help you picture it in vivid detail.

Smell of Preppy Girl Panties has several smells layered together. There’s a distinct smell of female musk, but also a smell of sweat and unwashed underwear. This smell is definitely not for the faint of heart!

If you’re looking for a “cleaner” smell of panties and pussy you might be better off picking Smell of Elder Sister, but if you have a fetish for used panties then this one will definitely get you going.

How to use

This perfume is very intense, so be sure to start out with a small amount - you can always add more! The Smell of Preppy Girl Panties of intended to be used with panties, but you can of course also spray it onto your onahole, a piece of cloth, or pretty much anything else.

Spray a little onto your surface of choice and let it sit for a minute or so. This gives the smell a chance to sink in and develop, and some of the volatile components will evaporate. Then, it’s ready for use! You can wash it off afterwards, but the smell might linger for a while.


Smell fetish perfume
Glass bottle, 10 ml, with spray head
Made by Tamatoys

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  1. 5* Review by Alex

    very nice
    5 stars from me, i can absolutely recommend it (Posté le 06/01/2018)

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