Einhorn Condoms - Wald Ballet

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Einhorn condoms

Are you done with condoms which look boring and feel boring? Einhorn, a German company, is fixing both of these issues at once! Better design is better for everyone. 

Each package contains 7 awesome condoms, packaged separately. We offer different styles of packaging so you can pick whichever one you love, but there is no functional difference between the condoms themselves. 

Better shape = better feeling

The shape of Einhorn condoms makes them incredibly comfortable: The top is a little wider, which means the condom can slide around transfer sensation, which makes Einhorn condoms way better than most standard condoms. Since the bottom still fits like any condom does, the condom stays in place and won't slip off easily. The width is 54 mm, which is standard in the EU.

Wald ballet

This subtly sexy package features a woman bending over, showing off her smooth skin and womanly curves.   


Einhorn is all about that love: for sex, for each other and for the planet. Not only is everything about these condoms vegan, they also treat the latex farmers fairly when it comes to working conditions and pay, and of course do their best not to harm the environment with pesticides, waste or excess CO2. Sounds too much like hippie mumbo-jumbo for you? No worries, the condoms are still awesome even if you don't care about their environmental footprint! 


  • 7 condoms
  • Bell-shaped (a little extra room around the top of your cock) 
  • Packaged separately
  • Comes with a German manual
  • Contains silicon-based lubricant
  • Standard size (54 mm)
  • 100% electronically tested
  • Natural colorants
  • 100% natural latex from Malaysia 

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